How can going to a North Carolina traffic school can help if I get a traffic ticket?

Various Adults Attending a Traffic School ClassIf you get a traffic ticket—such as a ticket for speeding or failing to yield to an emergency vehicle—you could face serious penalties, including a large fine, points on your driving record, and increased insurance costs. Some charges, such as reckless driving, are Class 1 misdemeanors that can result in a jail sentence and a permanent criminal record. Depending on your circumstances, taking traffic school courses may help you avoid some of these harsh consequences.

What Are Traffic School Courses?

Traffic school courses in North Carolina are also referred to as traffic safety courses, driver improvement clinics, and defensive driving classes. These courses last four to eight hours. You can complete your driver improvement clinic in a traditional classroom setting or through online courses if they are approved by the county where you received your ticket. Here are some of the topics that may be covered:

  • Information on how alcohol and drugs impair driving abilities
  • What the motivations are for effective and ineffective decision making
  • North Carolina’s laws on driver’s license suspensions and revocations
  • How to develop a plan to be a safer driver

How Can Taking a Defensive Driving Course Help Me If I Received a Traffic Ticket in Charlotte?

Before deciding to take a traffic safety class, it is important to discuss this with an experienced Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer. He can give you advice on whether it will help in your traffic court case. Sometimes it will not have any impact on the outcome. He can also give you guidance on how long your course should be, whether you can take it online, and what traffic schools are approved by the court.

How attending a defensive driving class may help you will depend on your individual circumstances and the district where you received your ticket. Here are some of the potential benefits:

  • Reduction in the charge you are facing
  • Reduction in points on your driving record
  • Reduction in your insurance premiums, which could otherwise increase due to the additional points on your driving record

Considering Taking a Traffic School Course?

If you received a traffic ticket in the Charlotte area, our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can advise you whether taking a traffic school course is a good option and help you mount a strong defense so that you achieve the best possible outcome. Call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you.