I had a speeding ticket due to went over the limit 19mph. With a clean record, this was my first time getting a traffic citation and I was initially thinking of paying off the fines and getting it over my head and moving forward. I'm glad that I didn't do that and hired Browing & Long, PLLC to represent me.
It should be the same story for anyone who has ever had a speeding ticket that starting from the next day of receiving the citation, your mailbox is exploded with letters from different law firms. I opened some of them, intended to find a good lawyer to work for my case. It wasn't easy since every mail says the same and you just got buried by information. The overflown information pushed me to google for more specifics. I had no idea of who to hire, but I did know the type of lawyer that I was looking for must be experienced, reliable, and effecient! I was lucky enough to find Browing & Long, PLLC.

Todd, one of the lawyers, called me back after a short while submitted my request to get the details of my case. He is super efficient and easy to communicate. He made me believe very quickly over the phone that he knows what he's doing and he has the ability and experience to reduce my case. Due to the pandemic, the court date has been postponed twice, and my date was rescheduled in November 2020. I requested Browning & Long, PLLC to request an earlier schedule, and finally, they brought me the good news today with a reduction of violation, and the penalty went down from about $250 to $50. On top of that, there's no harm to my driver's license and no points in file, so there will be no increase of the auto insurance for this coming year. I am very happy for the result!

The service of Browning & Long is enjoyable as well. Jennifer, the assistant that I've been talking to has been extremely polite, kind, and patient. She was the key person to the sucessful rescheduling of my court date to a much earlier date with the difference about 2.5 months!
I've learned my lesson from this traffic violation, and I wish everyone would drive safely and lawfully! I also wish nobody including myself will never need to use a traffic attorney ever again! However, if you've ever caught in such a situation and need someone to represent you, someone who is understandable, experienced, patient, and productive, I would highly recommend Browning & Long, PLLC!

Allen C.