Charlotte traffic attorneysIf you are issued a traffic ticket in Charlotte, you may have the option to negotiate an online reduction of the ticket with the local prosecutor. You may be tempted to try this on your own to avoid the cost of hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. However, here are three reasons that this option is not in your best interests.

Reason #1: You May Face Unintended Consequences

You must attend a mandatory court hearing for many traffic offenses in North Carolina. Prosecutors may be willing to reduce your traffic ticket online to reduce their court docket.

However, in offering a reduction in your traffic ticket, a prosecutor will not review your driving or insurance history or consider the unintended consequences you could face for pleading guilty and paying the ticket. These can include:

  • Driver’s license suspension. Points are added to your driving record if you are convicted of most traffic violations in our state. If you acquire too many points on your driver’s license record, your driver’s license would be suspended.
  • Insurance points. You will also have insurance points assessed when you are convicted of a traffic violation. Depending on the number of insurance points added, your insurance rates could increase from 30 to 340 percent.

Reason #2: You May Have Defenses to the Traffic Ticket

You could have strong defenses that could result in the traffic ticket being dismissed or reduced to a much less serious charge—even if you are guilty. However, the prosecutor will not look for your potential defenses or consider them seriously if you raise them when negotiating an online reduction of your traffic ticket. This could result in you getting a less favorable deal with more long-term consequences, such as more driver’s license and insurance points.

Reasons #3: You May Have Better Options

The prosecutor represents the State of North Carolina and cannot provide you with legal advice on your traffic ticket case. If you do not hire a skilled lawyer who will look out for your best interests, you will not understand your options for fighting the traffic ticket or whether you are getting the best deal you could get from the prosecutor.

Have you Received a Traffic Citation in Charlotte, NC?

If you received a traffic citation, you need to speak with an experienced traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Charlotte office directly at 980.207.3355 to schedule your free consultation.


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