Expungement of Dismissals and Acquittals

The new law makes the process simpler to expunge dismissals and acquittals for charges disposed of on or after December 1, 2021. It allows for automatic expungements of dismissals without leave by the prosecutor, dismissals by the judge, or a finding of not guilty or not responsible. There is no waiting period and no limit on the number of expungements an individual can obtain.

Expungement of Nonviolent Misdemeanors and Felonies

It can also be easier to obtain an expungement of older nonviolent misdemeanors and felonies under the Second Chance Act. This new law is effective for petitions for expungements filed on or after December 1, 2020. A person may be eligible for an expungement of the following:

  • One nonviolent misdemeanor conviction after five years
  • More than one nonviolent misdemeanor conviction after seven years
  • One felony nonviolent conviction after 10 years
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