Protect Your Rights When Charged With Crime North Carolina

Often, our clients facing DWI, traffic, or other criminal charges have little experience with the law. They are looking for reliable answers and helpful information. Here, our experienced attorneys share articles exploring a number of topics related to criminal charges in North Carolina to help you more fully understand your legal situation, including DWI, speeding, reckless driving, license suspension and revocation, license reinstatement, misdemeanors, felonies, record expungement, and more.
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  • Basics of North Carolina Trusts Should a trust be included in your estate plan? Contact our attorneys to discuss the pros and cons of creating a trust to fulfill your estate planning goals.
  • North Carolina Declaration of Guardian for Minor Children Who will care for your minor child if you die? Our attorneys can ensure your wishes as to who will raise your child in the event of an unexpected death are heard.
  • North Carolina HIPAA Release Without a North Carolina HIPAA Release, federal HIPAA laws could prevent your doctor from speaking with your family about your health care information.
  • North Carolina Healthcare Power of Attorney Who will make health care decisions for you if you are unable to? We can help you appoint a person to do so with a North Carolina health care power of attorney.
  • North Carolina Living Wills Ensure that your end-of-life medical decisions are carried out according to your wishes by contacting our North Carolina living will attorneys.
  • Types of Wills in North Carolina A last will and testament is an essential aspect to any North Carolina estate plan. Learn about the different types of wills and how we can help with yours.